The Center for Fundamental Living Technology (FLinT) is located at University of Southern Denmark.

Our scientific mission is to analyze and understand the creative forces in natural- as well as in human-made systems. This is mainly done through the study of self-organizing processes.

Our main focus is to assemble the components of minimal living systems. In physico-chemical systems this means assembling protocells bottom up from inorganinc and organic materials. In hardware systems we investigate implementation of e.g. 3D printers able to print themselves, while in computational systems we study the emergence of replicators.

Our long-term technological vision is to develop the foundation for a living technology characterized by robustness, autonomy, energy efficiency, sustainability, local intelligence, self-repair, adaptation, self-replication and evolution, all properties current technology lack, but living systems possess.



Professor Steen Rasmussen talks about BINC, a convergence of the bio-, info-, nano- and cogno- technologies of our time:


Fabricators and the coming age of ‘BINC’.



A series of short video answers to 7 important questions for our time:

  1. "How do you regard the state of the world at this time?"
  2. "Where is our society headed?"
  3. "In a transition phase into a 'new world', big changes are inevitable. Perhaps both good and bad. Can you please elaborate?"
  4. "How can scientists contribute to a political agenda?"
  5. "What is currently our greatest cultural challenge?"
  6. "Do you have a solution for our current societal challenge?"
  7. "Why do you as a physicist engage in these societal issues?"