Keynote/Invited Talks

  1. Det Nye Arkiv: Interview med Steen Rasmussen, Steen Rasmussen, Weekendavisen, Copenhagen, Denmark, January 25, 2013
  2. Dansker med indflydelse på EU's fremtid (Danes with influence on EU’s future), Steen Rasmussen, Speaker at the Ministry of Education and Research, Danish Parliament, fivu.dk, January 30, 2013  

  3. Catalysis in heterogeneous media: An approach to chemical reactions, P.-A. Monnard, Seminar series on Biophysics, Memphys center, SDU, Denmark , May 7, 2013

  4. From artificial life to living technologies, Steen Rasmussen, Center for Semiotik research seminar : Artificial life and possible living technology impact, May 16, 2013

  5. DR2: Interview about modern uses of DNA, Steen Rasmussen, Danmarks Radio 2, May 18, 2013

  6. Catalysis in heterogeneous media: An approach to the chemical implementation of biochemical processes, Pierre-Alain Monnard, Seminar series in Organic/Biophysics, Ben Gourion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel, May 19, 2013

  7. Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman: When does life begin?, Martin Hanczyc, Invited Speaker, You Tube Presentation, June 23, 2013 Link

  8. Prebiotic Chemistry of compartmentalization, towards protocell assembly, Pierre-Alain Monnard, 1st Workshop on Education in Astrobiology, Höör, Sweden,  June 6-9, 2013 

  9.  Replication of information in Chemical Systems, Pierre-Alain Monnard , Emergence in Chemical Systems 3 : University of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, USA,  June 17-20, 2013

  10. Future International Trade, Security and Technology, Steen Rasmussen, Keynote speaker, Technical University of Monterey tele-workshop : Future International Trade, Security and Technology, Monterrey, Mexico, November 13, 2013 Link

  11. Interfacial model for the bottom-up design of protocells, Pierre-Alain Monnard, Invited speaker, Towards Artificial Cells: Novel Advances in Bottom-Up Cell Design and Construction,  Institute of Physics in London, November 27, 2013 

Contributed Talks

  1. Bio-inspired chemical systems capable of converting resources from their environment, Pierre-Alain Monnard,  Euro-Intelligent Materials 2013 , Kiel, Germany,  September 25-27, 2013

Conference/Workshop Participation

  1. Synthetic Biology ERA-NET 1st Strategic Conference, Steen Rasmussen, Synthetic Biology ERA-NET 1st Strategic Conference, Basel, Austria, January 17-18, 2013
  2. COBRA 2nd Year Review, Steen Rasmussen (Participant), Brussels, Belgium, February 21, 2013

  3. Cool Edge Workshop 2013, Steen Rasmussen (Participant) Geneve, Switzerland, February 25-28, 201

  4. MICREAGENTS 1st Partner Workshop, Steen Rasmussen, Venice, Italy, March 14-15, 2013