Workshops and Conferences organized by the Center Members

    1. Workshop om syntesebiologi. Copenhagen, Jan 2011. S. Rasmussen (Organizer)
    2. MATCHIT 1st year review. Venice, April 2011. S. Rasmussen (Organizer)
    3. FET 11 The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition. Science beyond fiction. Budapest, May 2011. S. Rasmussen (Organizer)
    4. Bridging Theoretical and Experimental Science - Biophysic PhD-meeting. Holbæk, Denmark. May 24-26, 2011. W.H. Jørgensen (Organizer)
    5. MATCHIT 2nd partner Workshop. Odense, Denmark. Oct 3-4, 2011. S. Rasmussen (Organizer)
    6. COST Action CMO703 - Systems Chemistry, 2nd meeting of the Workgroup 3, Odense, Denmark. December 8-10th, 2011. P.A. Monnard (Organizer)
    7. COBRA KICK-OFF meeting. Manchester, Jan. 2011. S. Rasmussen. 



Seminars at SDU organized by the Center Members

  1. Prof. Yuichi Wakamoto, Research Center for Complex Systems Biology, The University of Tokyo, "Tracking individual cells (vesicles) in well controlled environments" (03.08.2011)
  2. Prof. Shinpei Tanaka, “Diffusion of protein molecules confined in lipid cubic phases studied by FCS and Brownian dynamics simulations” (02.09.2011)
  3. Prof. Tadashi Sugawara, University of Tokyo, “Selfreproduction of supramolecular giant vesicles combined with the amplification of encapsulated DNA” (12.09.2011)
  4. Prof. Andrej Luptak, UC Irvine, "Reverse origami: Structure-Based Discovery of Functional RNAs" (01.11.2011)
  5. Prof. Lee Cronin, University of Glasgow, "Towards life outside the organo-sphere: Inorganic Biology" (02.11.2011)
  6. Prof. Jotun Hein, University of Oxford, " Theoretical OOL Research & Formal Models in Biology" (14.12.2011)