Practical Information

Bank Account (Bank konto)

Please check the official SDU page on this topic here.


Car rental (Leje af biler)

The Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Department of Biology own 10 cars which can be used by employees at the faculty for work related purposes.

Assurances require, that persons with no relations to the University are not allowed to be a passenger in the cars. This means, that only VIP, TAP, Ph.D.-students and speciale-students can use the cars and only for purposes related to the University.

For reservation: Please contact the FLinT Center Administrator.


Child care and schools

In Denmark, most children are enrolled in a day care programme before they start primary school. A wide range of day care programmes are available. Some are public and heavily subsidized by public funds while others are private without financial support from municipalities.

For more info see the official SDU page here.


Citizen Service Office (Borgerservice)

If you have just arrived in Odense and have received your residence permit, you need to register at the Citizen Service Office to receive a civil registry number – CPR number. Otherwise you won’t be able to get a Danish bank account and won’t get your salary from the university.
For opening hours etc go to:


Copying (Kopiering)

Your University access card can be used as a copy card on the copy machines at the University. The nearest machine is located just down the stairs from FLinT.


CPR Number

All citizens in Denmark are registered in the Civil Registration System. Read more at the work-in-Denmark page here.


Danish lessons for foreign employees at SDU (Danskundervisning)

HR at SDU offers Danish lessons for foreign employees and their spouse on a regular basis. The offer will be part of an introductory period at the university. Look out for the advertising.


Dental Care

You can choose freely between all practicing dentists in Denmark, and are required to cover all dental expenses yourself. However, a minor state subsidy is deducted as part of the Danish public health care reimbursement scheme before you receive your dental invoice. Dental care is free for children under 18.


Doctor/General Practitioner (Læge)

Once you have gotten your CPR-number and your yellow health care card your are covered by the Danish public health system. In connection with getting the yellow card you will be asked to choose a doctor from a specified list.

If you later on wish to change to another doctor it´s possible on paying a fee.  To change doctor go to:



E-boks is your personal digital mailbox where you receive all kinds of official documents, among others your electronic salary statements.

Flight tickets (Fly billetter)

When your travelling abroad work related your plane tickets are obliged to be booked through Via Agencia. Please contact the Center Administrator for booking the tickets.


Funding (Fondskalender – fondsnyheder)

Support Office Science (SOS) assists scientist at the faculty of science with questions about funding and in writing applications. Read more about what SOS can offer here.


Holiday (Ferie)

You may find information regarding holidays ect on the following web pages:

Ordinary holiday
Special holiday
Public holiday and other days the university is closed
Other situations where you are granted time off
Rules regarding holiday payment when leaving Denmark and SDU again


The University of Southern Denmark offers assistance with housing (in Danish boligformidling) in Denmark. They can help you to find a place to stay.

Please contact Boligformidlingen, or telephone +45 6550 2053. 


IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international standard to identify an account number. IBAN is an extension of the existing account number to be used for international transactions. IBAN gives a higher level of security for the in- and outgoing transactions. Your IBAN number is to be given from your bank.

It is an advantage to use the IBAN and SWIFT for international transactions, as the transactions are less exposed to postponements and costs are lower as well.


Please see the official SDU page on this topic here.


International Staff Office (ISO)

You find information on the SDU International Staff Office here.


Library (Bibliotek)

We have the following services for staff employed by the University of Southern Denmark:

Find, request and renew in the library's catalogue – and have the material delivered to your post tray
We will obtain any material we don't have ourselves from other libraries
Remote access to electronic resources: books, journals and newspapers from your office and from your home computer
You can have printed journals in circulation – delivered to your post tray: Call (6550) 1434 or write to
Semester literature – give access to material to all of your students via Blackboard or on a Semester loan shelf.
Guidance about copyright and the scanning of documents in connection with e-learning.
Book a librarian and receive specialised instructions in information retrieval by subject specialists.

For further information go to:


Mailing list

The FlinT-center has got its own mailing list DK-NAT-IFK-FLinT, which includes SDU people in connection with FLinT. Please contact the Center Administrator if you have any changes to this list. is the way to access a variety of SDU services from the extern without the uses of VPN. Please use your SDU credentials to get access.


Ph.d. – students

Applications for new ph.d.-students is coordinated by the head of the Department, as there are specific rules according to the yearly budgets. Please contact the head of the Department for further info.



For questions regarding patent please contact Lene Aarenstrup Nielsen at Technology Transfer SDU. Tlf.: 6550 1094,


Pension scheme

Please go to the official SDU page for more info.


Per Diem (Timedagpenge)

Per Diem payment can only be used for travellers who are employees at the University of Southern Denmark. This means, that it is not possible to pay per diem to guests at the FLinT-center.

For further info on per diem see the section of Reimbursement.


Personnel Office (Personale kontoret)

The Personnel Office is handling the engagement of all technical and administrative employees as well as externally financed academic employees.

Employment of academic employees from the ordinary budget is handled by the different Faculty Secretariats. However the Personnel Office is settling the salaries.


Phone call abroad

Contact the central swift board at 10 00 and they will connect you with the wanted number.



PURE is the name of an IT system, which has been acquired and adapted by the University of Southern Denmark for use by all University staff.

At the University of Southern Denmark we have decided initially to use PURE for the following purposes:

  • Registration of research publications and research communication activities
  • Registration of research competencies
  • Registration of personal information for staff homepages.

Read more about PURE and how to use it here (SDUnet)


Representative expenses

According to the Ministry of Finance the University has the possibility of using a certain amount of representative expenses (lunches, dinners ect.) As of November the 7th 2007 the max. amount per persona that is allowed is 550 DKK. The chancellor recommends that representative expenses be not used in relation to external funding accounts.


Scan (Scanning på kopimaskiner)

It is possible to scan documents to PDF-files at the Copy machines outside the Department. The PDF-file is send directly to your mailbox. Please see the section about Copy Machines for further info.



SDUnet is the intranet for employees at SDU and can only be access from an SDU-computer at campus or via externally.


Spouse Handbook

SDU has published a handbook for spouses. You can read it here.



SWIFT/BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is an international standard used to identify banks. Contact your bank for further information.



Employees at the University have the opportunity of swimming every morning from 7-8 and Friday 12-13 (free entrance).
You can get an entrance card by sending an email to the following address:


Taxes (Skat)

Please go to the official SDU page on this topic.

The Danish Immigration Service (Udlændingeservice)

You find the Danish Immigration Sevice here


Travel (Rejser)

When your travelling abroad your plane tickets should be booked through Via Travel (phone number 70 70 81 20). Please contact the centre administrator for ordering the tickets.


Train tickets (Tog billetter)

Please contact the Center administrator who will book the tickets. Please do that at least 5 days in advance of your trip.



Google has a very good translator of Danish to English.


Travel claim, Electronic (TEM)

 link (located at SDUnet)

Travel Reimbursement

Please fill out a Travel Accounting scheme when you have finished a travel. Hand in the filled out scheme to the centre administrator along with the vouchers. 
Please remember to save your boarding passes as documentation of actually attending the flights.


The University of Southern Denmark has decided that any additional expenses for meals in connection with work-related trips involving an overnight stay and of at least 24 hours’ duration can be reimbursed according to one of the following principles, to be determined by the traveler:

  1. Hourly subsistence and per diem allowances
  2. Reimbursement of reasonable additional expenses on receipt of documentation as well as percentage-based reimbursement (the current settlement principle)

At FLinT we have decided to go by hourly subsistence and per diem allowance as default.
Hourly subsistence and per diem allowances are basically a tax-free payment. In order to maintain this tax-free status, there are a number of conditions that must absolutely be met. Thus it is possible for the tax authorities to demand tax be paid on the entire reimbursed sum if too large a payment is made. It is the responsibility of the traveler to provide correct information.
If the traveler has been offered free meals in connection with the trip, the rates are reduced by 15% for breakfast, 30% for lunch and 30% for dinner.

Travel Insurance

When you are travelling on a work related trip you are covered by the University insurance. You need to have an insurance card, which you get from the Center administrator along with a guide on how to use the card.
Please notice that when a work related trip is combined with leisure (before or after), the employee must have his own travel insurance to cover the leisure BOTH inside and outside Europe, as the Yellow card does not cover you on such combination travels.
As an employee at the University you ( + spouse and children under 18) can get a discount on a private travel insurance at Europæiske Rejseforsikring. Please order online here.

Vacation house

As an employee at SDU you have the opportunity to rent two vacation houses at a very reasonable rate depending on season. One house is situated near Lohals at the northern tip of Langeland, the other at Hvide Sande on the west coast of Jutland.

Please go here for further info:


Yellow health insurance card (Sygesikring)

Everybody with a Danish cpr-number is covered by the public Danish health insurance. Shortly after getting a cpr-number you will receive a personal Yellow card.