The Center for Fundamental Living Technology (FLinT) was established in the late 2007 by the a generous grant from the Danish National Research Foundation (Dansk Grundforskningsfond, DG) together with significant co-sponsorship by the University of Southeren Denmark (SDU). The intent of the DG grant was to seed and establish a new research thrust within SDU, which the university would later embrace and further nurture after of the conclusion of the DG grant, which was five and a half year. 

The research thrust was initially defined by professor Steen Rasmussen as "developing the underpinning science of minimal living processes with a view to potential technological applications". Since the science is conducted by the involved scientists and developed through their imagination, the original research ideas have of course been shaped and further developed by the many scientists involved with FLinT past and present. Today (2017) the center activities are more broadly covering complex systems still with a common focus on developing and understanding the physics and chemistry of minimal living and evolutionary processes. Also new technology developments as well as societal implication and policy issues have developed further. 

Below is a short documentary about Steen Rasmussen's life and ideas as well as a poster session by FLinT's first PhD student, Sarah Mauer. 


Knitting a Protocell - 2:48                        The Living Technologies and the life lived - 26:04  


                                  Knitting a Protocell