Conference Organization/Seminar Hosting

Events organized by our team are an important measure to increase our visibility.

Colloquia and seminars are given by our external visitors on a regular basis for a larger scientific audience.

Workshops and Conferences organized by the Center Members - 2016

  1. Bi-weekly Gathering: Soft matter, computational physics and statistical mechanics. FlinT has started this bi-weekly gathering: Wednesdays 11 – 12:00 at the FLinT Commons (Ø6-410). Each meeting features a presentation of finished research, discussion of ongoing research, ideas for future research and collaborations, presentations of interesting papers, students presenting their work or other topics of mutual interest and benefit. We will post the upcoming topics in KIK each week. Contact Carsten Svaneborg ( or Lucinda Voldsgaard ( for more information or to sign up for the emails.