Federica Lo Verso


Federica Lo Verso, Ph.D.

FLinT Center
Dept of Physics and Chemistry
University of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55
DK 4230 Odense M
Tel: +(45) 65508488

Email: federica@sdu.dk

Research Fields

Statistical Mechanics, Theoretical and Computational Physics of Soft-Condensed Matter


Phase behavior of colloids: structural properties of fluids and solids, phase transitions, critical phenomena, glass phases

Smart polymer-based particles with different architectures and microscopic interactions (star polymers, multiblock copolymers, single chain nanoparticles, brushes, microgels) under various geometries and environmental conditions

  • computational synthesis, multiscale modeling and applications as biomaterials
  • molecular self-assembly and collective behavior in solution: inter- and intra-molecular aggregation mechanisms, micro-phase formations ...



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