Former Students

PhD Thesis Supervised by Center Members

  1. Anders Albertsen: Study of Replication Processes in Minimal Self-Replicating Systems. December 2013. (Supervisor Associate Professor Pierre-Alain Monnard)
  2. Steffen Bähring: Molecular Sensors. Januar 2013. (Supervisor Professor Jan O. Jeppesen)
  3. Pernille Lykke Pedersen: DNA Supported Protocellular Amphiphile Production. September 2012. (Supervisor Associate Professor Pierre-Alain Monnard)
  4. Filippo Caschera: Design of Evolvable Artificial Cells Through Replication and Optimization Cycles. August 2012. (Supervisor: Martin Hanczyc)
  5. Casper Kunstmann-Olsen: Development of microfluidic sensing platforms for microbial contaminants and protocells. May 2012. (Supervisors Professor Horst Günther Rubahn and Associate Professor Pierre-Alain Monnard)
  6. Stinne Wessel Hansen: Molecular Machines - Synthesis, Structure and Function. February 2012. (Supervisors Professor Jan O. Jeppesen and Associate Professor Martin Hanczyc)
  7. Rafal Wieczorek: Investigation on the biogenesis of macromolecules in prebiotic environments. December 2010. (Co-supervisor Associate Professor Pierre-Alain Monnard)
  8. Sarah Elizabeth Maurer: Primitive membranes and their role in the origins of life. University of California, Santa Cruz. June 2010. (Co-supervisor Associate Professor Pierre-Alain Monnard)
  9. Harold Fellermann: Physically Embedded Minimal Self-Replicating Systems: Studies by Simulation. University of Osnabrück, Germany, 135 p August 2009. (Co-supervisor Professor Steen Rasmussen).

Master Thesis Supervised by Center Members

  1. Tommy Andersen: Generating molecules of relevance to an origin of life through hydrolysis of hydrogen cyanide polymers - theeffects of metal-ions. June 2012 (Supervisor: Associate Professor Martin Hanczyc)
  2. Anders Utoft-Madsen: Chemotactic Oil Droplet Movement Based on Salt Gradients. December 2011. (Supervisor: Associate Professor Martin Hanczyc)
  3. Philipp M. G. Löffler: Non-enzymatic template-directed RNA-polymerization in a structured environment. December 2010. (Supervisor: Associate Professor P.-A. Monnard)
  4. Anders N. Albertsen: Life cycles (growth and division) in Self-replication of amphiphile structures promoted by in-situ catalytic production of building blocks. May 2010. (Supervisor: Associate Professor P.-A. Monnard)

Bachelor Thesis Supervised by Center Members

  1. Sif Schmidt-Petersen: Definitions of Life: A short review of experimental, computational and philosophical perspectives. August 2012 (Supervisor: Professor Steen Rasmussen)
  2. Richard Löffler: Semi clathrates as structures media (Supervisor: Associate Professor Pierre-Alain Monnard)
  3. Anne Zebitz Eriksen: Interactions between Single-Chain Amphiphile Bilayers and PAHs, June 2011. (Supervisor: Associate Professor Pierre-Alain Monnard)
  4. Charlotte Burgdorf Guldager Rasmussen. Synthesis og bis-pyromellitic dimid guest containing pyridin units, 2010. (Supervisor: Assistant Professor Kent A. Nielsen)
  5. Gunar Olsen: Synthesis of tetrakis (tetrathiafulvalen)-calix(4)pyrroler containing ethylen glycol linker. 2010. (Supervisor: Assistant Professor Kent A. Nielsen)
  6. Tommy Andersen: Banded Iron Formations "BIF". July 2009. (Supervisor: Professor Hans Toftlund)
  7. Kasper Wigh Lipsø: Reaction Kinetic Studies of Metabolic Coupled Gene Replication. June 2009. (Supervisors: Professor Erik Mosekilde, DTU & Professor Steen Rasmussen, SDU)
  8. Anders Utoft Madsen: Oil droplet movement coupled with Ruthenium-activated chemistry. June 2009. (Supervisor: Associate Professor Martin Hanczyc)