Funky Monkey Park Adventure

On Aug 30th there was some monkeying around as a team building excercise.

Nine of the group went to the Funky Monkey Park in Odense and climbed in trees for the day! After all of that climbing around, the hungry monkeys burned some meat and vegetables and had a feast.


As part of the excercise, which was organized by Sarah, everyone was requested to write some poetry about protocells and FLinT life. While most people wrote Haiku, there was some deviation.

Protocells moving

dividing as amoeba

FLinT makes life

life cycle of a monkey
swing from branch to branch

Monkey monkey monkey around,
Up in the trees we are all bound.

Hopefully hopefully we won't fall down,
Or there will be no going out in town!

- And we all wish for no raining round


sun makes energy

that makes life self-organize

life makes PVC

protocell ready
turn on the light and watch.... oops!
protocell is dead :(

If you want to make a living machine
Ask for the man in the sweatpants- NOT JEANS!
He sometimes is late
But how could we hate
Our fabulous leader Flint-Steen

Protocells are not terribly fun
And my experiments cause the doldrums
But when Steen’s in the room
The ladies do swoon
Saying “I would love to see what you’ve done!”

Captain pH:
beach of sand and stone
life crawls everywhere but

only flints give the spark

The Protocell is in the grass,
the grasshopper is in the lab

Steen is in the lab
the lab is on a conference