iGEM 2010

In 2010, FLinT and SDU formed a team of undergraduate students who developed a synthetic biology project and competed in the annual iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Boston. The student team was supervised by faculty members from the Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) and the Institute of Physics and Chemistry (IFK) at SDU with Martin Hanczyc and Rafal Wieczorek from FLinT as advisor and instructor respectively. The SDU team project involved the design of a hyperflagellated E. coli strain with photo-activated taxis to use as a micropump in microfluidic systems. The project involved the coordination of SDU students from physics, chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, medicine and philosophy. The team won a prestigious gold medal as well as a special safety commendation for their work on biosafety. This was the first time that iGEM has awarded such a commendation, inspired by the innovative work of our team.