Contact persons: Martin Hanczyc and Pierre-Alain Monnard

  • HPLC 1200 from Agilent with DAD and fluorescence detector with Reverse phase and ion-exchange columns (DNA pac)
  • PAT1D Sinterface pendant drop tensiometer
  • Fluorescence spectrometer (Eclipse) from Varian with Peltier controller, air-tight stop-flow and polarization accessory
  • Nikon TE20005 inverted fluorescence microscope with DIC, phase contrast, pin hole confocal unit
  • Small inverted fluorescene microscope with camera
  • Cooling baths down to -30 °C
  • Zeiss Axiovet S100 confocal laser scanning microscope (via collaboration with MEMPHYS)

Inorganic Chemistry Lab

  • a range of computer controlled furnaces
  • equipment for synthesis under ultra-high pressure
  • X-ray difraction, state of the art equipment for single crystal diffraction (area detector)
  • recording powder diffraction equipment
  • Laser Raman spectroscopy
  • modern x-band EPR instrument
  • advanced instrumentation for electrochemical characterization
  • mass spectrometers with a range of different ionisation techniques
  • electron microscopy
  • membrane inlet spectrometer for detection of small molecules (via collaboration with BMB)

Synthetic Chemistry Lab

Contact persons: Jan Oskar Jeppesen and Kent Albin Nielson

Coming soon (Kent adds).

Scientific Computing

  • granted several hundred CPU years on the DCSC high performance computing clusters Horseshoe 5 and Horseshoe 6 located at SDU.