Lifecycle simulations

Primary investigator: Harold Fellermann

This project extends the simulations of the self-replicating nanocells toward a system that posesses not only container and metabolism, but also inheritable genetic information. To orchestrate the collective growth and replication of these three components, container, metabolism, and genome are functionally coupled. This work focusses on (i) the self-replication of the genetic biopolymer, (ii) the emergence of a molecular fitness function from first principles, (iii) the functional coupling of container, metabolism and genome, and (iv) crutial steps in the life cycle of the Los Alamos Bug. It provides thefoundations for the first integrated spatially resolved computer simulation of a whole protocellular life-cycle.


Related publications:

Fellermann, H.; Rasmussen, S.; Ziock, H.; Solé, R.V. (2007). Life-cycle of a minimal protocell : a dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) study. J. Artif. Life 13(4): 319-345.