Peer-reviewed 2015

Journal Articles

  1. Ikari, K., Sakuma, Y., Jimbo, T., Kodama, A., Imai, M., Monnard, P-A. & Rasmussen, S. Dynamics of fatty acid vesicles in response to pH stimuli July 6, 2015, Soft Matter. 11, p. 6327-6334 Link

  2. Boyd, Britta; Straatman, Bas ; Mangalagiu, Diana; Rasmussen, Steen ; Rathje, Peter .The Carbon City Index (CCI) : A Consumption Based, Regional Input-Output Analysis of Carbon Emissions. / 
     Santa Fe Institute, 2015. (SFI Working Paper, Vol. 2015-12-049). Link to PDF

  3. Monnard, P-A. & Walde, P. Current ideas about prebiological compartmentalization, Life. 5, 2, p. 1239-1263 Link

  4. Nicholson, A. E. and Sibani, P., Cultural evolution as a nonstationary stochastic process. Complexity, 21: 214–223. Link

  5. Christian Koch, Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos, Federica Lo Verso and Christos N. Likos, Customizing wormlike mesoscale structures via self-assembly of amphiphilic star polymers Soft Matter, 11, 3530 (2015) Link

  6. Federica Lo Verso, J. A. Pomposo, J. Colmenero, A. Moreno, Simulation Guided Design of Globular Single-Chain Nanoparticles by Tuning the Solvent Quality, Soft Matter, 11 1369-1375 (2015) Link


Contributions to Conference Proceedings, Conference Abstracts, Extended Abstracts

  1. Müller, A., Amaldass, A., Yanev, K. & Rasmussen, S. Do it yourself (DIY) liquid handling robot for evolutionary search exploration 2015 Proceedings of the European Conference on Artificial LIfe 2015..). p. 657, 1

  2. Tangen, U., Fellermann, H. & Rasmussen, S. Simulating self-replicating, chemically immersed, microchip swarms 2015 Proceedings of the European Conference on Artificial LIfe 2015. 438 1 Link

  3. Rasmussen, S. et.al. The Future of FET: A possible nucleus for the European Innovation Council : Report from the FET Advisory Group, Brussels, 15th of September 2015. / European Commission, Future Emergent Technology Advisory Group. 2015. 7  Link.


Invited Articles

  1. Andersen, L. & Rasmussen, S. Et teknologisk globalt gearskifte kræver nye, globale fortællinger  4 Apr 2015 Artikel. videnskab.dk  Article.

  2. Andersen, L. & Rasmussen, S., Ingen nationalstat kan tage hånd om sine borgere alene.  March 17, 2015, videnskab.dk  Article.

  3. Andersen, L. & Rasmussen, S., Et teknologidrevet globalt gearskift: Middelklassen og demokratiet er under pres. March 15, 2015,  videnskab.dk. Article

  4. Andersen, L. & Rasmussen, S. Den digitale økonomi er fundamentalt anderledes end den industrielle ‚Ä®March 6, 2015 videnskab.dk Article.

  5. Andersen, L. & Rasmussen, S.  Teknologiudviklingen trækker os mod et globalt gearskifte  March 6, 2015, videnskab.dk Article.

  6. Andersen, L. & Rasmussen, S. Tomorrow’s technology will lead to sweeping changes in society – it must for all our sakes,  The Conversation, February 12, 2015 Article.


Books and Book Chapters

  1. Andersen, L. & Rasmussen, S. Hvad burde politik handle om? June 2015 Denmark: ISSP - Initiative for Science Society and Policy. 40 p.

  2. Rasmussen, S.,  Afterword: Make/Shift. January 8, 2015 Beta-Life: Stories from an A-Life Future. Amos, M. & Page, R. (red.). Comma Press ISBN 1905583656



  1. Christensen, C. K., Jensen, B. B., Shen, C., Monnard, P-A., Tanaka, S. & Klösgen-Buchkremer, B. M. Colloidal guest particles stabilize cubic structures of monoolein in water Poster session presented at Danscatt Annual Meeting 2015, Aarhus, Denmark.